Vision, Mission and Goals


Batis Center for Women believes in a society…

  • which provides gainful employment and livelihood opportunities for all;
  • where women have equal opportunities for employment, enterprises, and growth;
  • where people are not forced to work overseas due to the impoverished state of the economy and the existence of exploitative and oppressive social structures; and,
  • where the rights of those who freely choose to work abroad are promoted and respected.

Hence, Batis Center for Women is committed to…

  • inform and educate the general public on the plight of women migrant workers in order to generate a strong public opinion against the exploitation and continued deployment of women migrant workers; and,
  • respind to specific needs of distressed women migrant workers, their children, and families through empowerment, wherein they themselves participate in the struggle to change the oppressive and exploitative conditions within their family, their community and the society.

Batis Center for Women aims to…

  • help returning and returned distressed Filipino migrant women, their children, and other members of their families by providing direct services to enable them to restore their self-worth and dignity;
  • assist exploited migrant women in the legal process to secure their human rights, rights before the law and their gender;
  • help them to help themselves to enable them to decide on their own and become self-reliant by promoting their rights, organizing and providing opportunities for them to raise their awareness on various issues affecting them, and supporting their initiatives;
  • lobby and pressure government to enact, implement or amend (existing) laws and policies protecting the rights of migrant women and their children; and
  • link up with organizations and contribute to the strong movement of migrants, women and children for the recognition and protection of their rights.

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